We think that the theory of matriarchate finds a strong basis in earlier times history of the newest Russian household members

Today’s reputation of your own second generally seems to show the next phase in its development was the family people, consisting of people joined because of the lineage off a common forefather and accompanied by one to worship off forefathers which often lead from it. The entire subjection of the partner toward husband, and of the youngsters to your dad; neighborhood of goods and also the common pleasure of its produce of the the latest relatives living within the exact same rooftop; the latest acknowledged superiority out of senior years as well as lead lineage regarding an average ancestor; the lack of testamentary dispositions away from property, and even of these function off court succession which supposes partition, additionally the different of a lot more remote by nearer kin; the new removal of feminine off involvement about family members property while the relationships means they are aliens; all of these top features of the latest patriarchal loved ones therefore ably represented inside the new work of Sir Henry Maine, reappear in the present composition of your Russian friends.

Let us investigation one by one the fresh new attribute top features of this loved ones composition of your own peasant, a constitution similar to compared to early kissbrides.com gГҐ till min blogg Celts and you will Germans than simply that some of the progressive regions out-of Europe.

After all, obviously, that of the country some body, the middle and higher kinds which have currently implemented Western european ways and you may heritage, being on that membership confronted with a rules and therefore, on multiple part, is within head resistance so you’re able to typical law

In advance of signing up for their own husband’s friends, the latest bride need certainly to sever every ties that have hitherto sure their particular with the home-morale under whoever safety this lady has introduced their particular teens, and really should solemnly follow the praise ones of your family unit members to the and this she is going to go into. That it societal manifestation of a positive change of praise is very demonstrably noticed in the wedding ceremonies of your own South Slavs. This is not so decidedly kept in those of East Slavs. These two races becoming the same on the resource and you may nature, I can start by very first claiming this new religious customs, heritage of an admittedly pagan supply — however in use in the Bulgarian betrothals. “For the Lika,” states Meters. Bogisic, “this new bride, before you leave her dad’s household, goes three times across the hearth, prostrating herself. each time, as if in order to implore forgiveness.” Because you are conscious of new personal relationship with stayed involving the praise of one’s fireplace and this of one’s household members forefathers, I would like not let you know that the newest work did by the Bulgarian bride-to-be before you leave their parent’s home doesn’t have almost every other meaning than just that a past invocation of the property-comfort whose praise she actually is preparing to leaving.

The nice strengths still connected by Russian peasant to help you agnatism, that is so you’re able to relationship to the father’s front side, is actually revealed by the part and therefore predecessor worship performs even now in the celebration from a nation relationship

The new comfort should become harm of the choice she has taken to help you withdraw so you can their unique partner’s homestead, and to end up being appeased because of the an operate out of embarrassment on her part. When she actually is immediately following about bridegroom’s house the newest maiden is actually required to perform another type of service; she have to seat by herself close to the fireplace, to help keep right up for a short time brand new fire burning on that by the bits of timber thrown to it having her own hand. The symbolical reputation associated with ceremony could possibly get be easily seen. The students partner is found on the point of to be an associate of the property area from her husband, and thus, a participant within its loved ones worship. Their particular acquiescence have to be shown because of the an icon, along with her maintaining new fire on the fireplace is exactly eg an icon. The new customized just explained can be obtained everywhere Bulgaria and has now started over and over again alluded to help you by modern ethnographers, Meters. Bogisic, Mr. Krauss, while others.