By the Tomura’s very own entry, the guy dislikes exactly what breathes, displaying an extreme version of nihilism

Very first, Tomura apparently triggered depletion for the purpose of it and you will noticed directionless regarding the League’s path submit shortly after Stain’s stop. It might grab a great fateful interviewing Izuku in the a shopping center having your to cultivate an enthusiastic epiphany and be aware of his genuine convictions: so you’re able to crumble people because of All of the Might’s dying. Tomura constantly had a want to eliminate All might, but of a spontaneous expression regarding anarchy on a people one to damage him and you can caused his rational instability. After reading regarding Izuku, Tomura realized that All might is really what the guy dislikes throughout the both Izuku and you can Stain, hoping to locate them, and additionally people overall, cure their Icon away from Serenity. [5] After the Every Might’s advancing years and you will for the Group away from Villains’ run into toward Meta Liberation Military, Tomura’s beliefs increased away from crippling people to totally destroy it, appear to down seriously to an innate feeling of problems and distress because of their earlier in the day memory.

The latest cut hand one to Tomura wears throughout himself may be the only physical traces regarding his lifeless members of the family, saying which they build your become at the same time ill and you will calm

Even with Tomura’s general disgust out-of lifestyle, you will find a choose number of individuals he holds during the large regard. Tomura holds a good amount of value and attachment for everyone For 1, always dealing with him given that “Sensei” and being worried to possess their well-being. [6] By-the-way, Tomura goes wrong with carry-all For one’s family unit members term (Shigaraki), representing a love close to father and you can guy. Tomura and additionally got Kurogiri given that a reliable confidant and agent, even with treating him harshly some times. Kurogiri’s need is actually listed getting produced Tomura disappointed just like the latter cherished the fresh former’s organization and you will efficiency. Apart from these and Kyudai Garaki, which all the had a hand in increasing your, Tomura is pretty distant to their most other allies, regardless if the guy do frequently care about her or him, enough to prioritize its spirits shortly after the guy acquired the necessary earnings being furious whenever Overhaul killed Magne and lost Compress’ sleeve.

They have an almost relationship with their coach, All of the For 1, the main one individual that came to own their assistance as he receive himself by yourself and you will missing just like the children

Since the a kid, Tenko try proven to be relatively normal, even type and you will compassionate. He stored a love for his family and you may a powerful wish to be a hero in the future, not rather than Izuku Midoriya. Yet not, he had been and mentally fragile regarding constant abuse he sustained away from their character-loathing dad, being scared regarding his simple visibility. For this reason oppressive upbringing while the inaction regarding other people out of his family, Tenko’s head sooner clicked on account of their Quirk manifesting and you will damaging his household.

Initially, Tomura indicated heavier guilt to have occur to killing their loved ones upon losing command over his newfound Quirk. [7] Despite his despair, Tomura educated a partial relish in his family members’ demise while the he noticed him or her responsible for enabling him endure at the their dad’s tend to. From the Tomura’s very own entryway, the guy considered cathartic fulfillment when you’re conclude Kotaro’s lives while the retaliation for his abusive therapy. [8] Throughout the his struggle with Re also-Destro, Tomura overcame his earlier in the day shackles out-of guilt shortly after getting his memories as well as today seems toward the conclusion neighborhood, playing with their teens thinking to further power their hatred. [9]

Even after their earlier in the day, however, Tomura keeps no hatred on the his family relations, with the exception of his father and you will paternal granny. This will be shown as he assured his sister inside the visions that he was not resentful from the the lady to possess creating your and now have in hopes their mom he is fine if you are turning back again to a child in front of the woman, proving one to part of Tomura still cares regarding their friends. Although not, he was willing to deny its pleas in order to keep the fresh pursuit of his evil conquest, demonstrating that he won’t permit them to obstruct his requirements.