For example the teenagers are not meant to engage in sex prior to relationships

Passing from the Colombian society can be regarded as a change for the and this anybody stop staying in the brand new bodily community but continues to inhabit new soul community. They think that there surely is existence shortly after death and that just after they die it return using their ancestors.

At the various values, attacks and you can changes, people are expected to function within the a specific means incapacity to that they are said to defile their tradition.

Whenever they exercise they are penalized severely and might feel excommunicated regarding community. Within adolescent and you can young adult stage, the young people are broke up considering its genders. Males is split up regarding female. Simply because they require some other lessons regarding lives and you may responsibilities.

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Social Relationship

Invited are a sign of a good relationships certainly one of anyone. During the Colombia, men and women are likely to enjoy both once they meeting. Handshaking is one of prominent and appropriate way of desired for each most other. It’s considered courteous so you’re able to desired one another because of the trembling give when you see as well as when making. Feminine is to the quantity its hands basic, following men to follow along with in response.

Also, women are expected to keep forearms when welcome dudes. Handshake anywhere between guys is always strenuous and you can best friends can even incorporate both. At the same time, best friends get kiss as a way out-of welcome both.

Inside the Colombian people, greetings is always to with a tiny speak whose goal is during the once you understand additional party’s hobbies. Entry to label is even extremely important during allowed and it is polite to maintain visual communication. To own contrary sex, limited kiss on cheek are exchanged in spite of the dating anywhere between both.

Disputes aren’t advised among the Colombians. However, after they arise it needs to be anywhere between people of an identical decades. If the a child disagrees which have a senior people it is known as an enthusiastic insult. Ladies are also banned in order to dispute which have men. This really is thought to be decreased submissiveness and you may value with the head of the family relations. Offered disputes is going to be prevented simply because they can lead to a beneficial challenge.

In case your people on it fail to consent, a 3rd party might be in it to help resolve new dispute. In other days, insults is actually indicated by diminished regard for others, rude message if you don’t nonverbal tips intended for offensive another person. The latest Colombian community thus prompts good social relationship certainly one of some one. So it involves an effective coexistence and no conflicts and you may insults from a single several other.


There is certainly many dialects and dialects which can be spoken when you look at the Colombia. This has been filed one to in the foreseeable future, of numerous languages die. Yet not, there are many different dialects which can be nonetheless in use. It’s calculated that one hundred plus one dialects lived within the Colombia. Currently, eighty-one are in use.

The essential popular dialects were Carijona, Desano, Achagua, Totoro, Arthuaco and you may Piaroa. Also, Piratapuvo, Siona, Adult cams, Guayabero and you will Tariano are used. The brand new federal and formal language was Language. It originated Indo-Western european family of languages. Achagua are second to Spanish. It offers a crowd using it also and particularly those people from the East area of the nation.

More twenty dialects had been annihilated. It is Andaqui, Cauca, Chipiajes, Ansema, Barbacoas, Natagaimas, Runa,Omejes and you can Ponares. It is essential to note that a tiny group of people and particularly upper-class, explore English. This is certainly preferred from inside the metropolitan cities. Words plays a big character about Colombian community. It’s regularly essentially express. It will act as a symbol of unity among the anybody.